Our mission is to connect global citizens together and give them the tools they need to own the communities they live in.

Don’t be shy, send an email to info@vllg.io

We’re building Village because we have a fundamental belief that money should work for people.

We could not find another product that shared our beliefs, so we decided to make one.

We’re not just a team, we’re a village working together to build the future of wealth accumulation and payments.

Chukwudi Derek
Gideon Nweze

We’re looking to build a world-class team to build out our Village platform.


Villagers respectfully listen to their users and to each other. They take note of everything that's said, and even some things that aren't.


Villagers speak their mind and stand for their values. Villagers are willing to evangelize their thoughts, beliefs, and ideas.

Moving Fast

Villagers move fast and provide solutions to each other and to our users quickly, while also understanding that first impressions matter and we should not sacrifice top quality for minimal speed.


Villagers take great pride in their work. They take an inherent ownership in the features they create and provide their voice on every product they contribute to.

Improvement Mentality

Villagers believe that there is always room for improvement. They’re able to look at a product and determine even a fractional improvement opportunity, and they move fast to make sure we’re providing the best for our users.

If you connect with our values, apply to be a Villager.

These are some of the products we’re building together

The payment platform that pays you to use it.